Jackson Square in the snowfall of February 1958

I am passionate about music. I like getting lost in it. I love feeling like nothing else matters except for the song I’m singing along to. I will say absurd things and get emotionally attached to people that I’ll never meet. And I don’t care. I love it.

I am passionate about cats and animals. It doesn’t make me a crazy cat lady. I want to help as many as I can have happy lives. They have beautiful souls and personalities. I love it.

I am passionate about living a healthy life. I will voice my opinion about how I think you’re eating garbage. I love influencing people to make better choices. However I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be. I love it.

I don’t hurt people, I don’t do drugs, I don’t party, I don’t self-harm, I don’t do any of the things society claims “Normal” in some twisted way. I’m boring. I love it.

I’m tired of every time I voice my opinion about something I love, everyone thinks it’s stupid or childish or offensive. I’m not trying to please anyone but myself. If you don’t like the way I live life, carry on. I’m here for myself. I will continue to do things that make me happy. I refuse to live a life of regret. And I love it.


do not fix your dark circles let the world know youre tired of its shit and ready to kill a man


My Chemical Romance ‎– I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

1st press - clear vinyl || Eyeball Records 2009


What a gorgeous species.  I love the starlike effect from those lighter reflective scales.


follow me down


do we panic now